Boarding & Facilities

Arena Barn $800 monthly

Polo Barn $700 monthly

Broodmare Barn $725 monthly

Deb’s Barn $700 monthly

Paddocks $500 monthly

Pasture $360 monthly

Pasture River Field $300 monthly

All fees are before GST

Indoor Board Includes:

  • Hay Saver and option for grain program
  • Quality ranch grown Timothy Alfalfa hay
  • Salt mineral blocks
  • Clean, fresh water from automatic water bowls
  • Blanketing (as weather dictates)
  • Daily turnout with individual paddocks

Outdoor Board Includes:

  • Fresh, clean water
  • Access to shelter
  • Quality ranch grown Timothy Alfalfa hay
  • Hay is offered free-choice to pasture horses in winter months
  • Grain option for paddock horses
  • Pastures are thoroughly checked daily by staff